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Sample Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
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Sample Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)  

At Densus, we utilize a staff with a diverse range of operational backgrounds, business backgrounds and advanced degrees. We provide a unique mix of entrepreneurial, business, expeditionary, operational and academic knowledge, maximizing the ability of our clients to understand their opportunities and risks; then manage and take competitive advantage of them to the fullest extent possible. Because most all of our domestic and international SMEs have extensive sensitive experiences across borders and continents in operational and leadership roles within the military, intelligence, and law enforcement realms, coupled with international private sector senior positions across various Lines of Business, we do not identify our SMEs by name on our public site. However, the following is just a sampling of the talents we bring to bear to provide our clients with the best possible solutions to their immediate and long-term concerns to help ensure their preeminence in their respective fields.

  • Risk Identification/Exploitation/Management
  • Public Order/Crowd Management
  • Metric Identification/Design/Utilization
  • Crisis and Disaster Management
  • Licensed Financial Advisors/Capital Advisory/Wharton MBAs
  • Intelligence Collection/Analysis/Dissemination/Optimization
  • Counter-Terror/Counter-Intelligence Operations/Methodologies
  • Border/Cross-Border Operations
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Forensics: Cyber/Physical
  • Business Continuity/Resiliency Exercises
  • Red Team Exercises
  • Executive Protection
  • Workplace Violence Awareness/Training
  • Certified Protection Professionals (CPP)
  • International Instructors with real-world experiences
  • Surveillance/Counter-Surveillance Operations/Methodologies
  • Post-Disaster Recovery and Stability Operations
  • Developing and producing policies and procedures across both public and private sectors
  • Extensive Experiences in Developing, War-torn, and other Hi-Risk Countries
  • Various Security Clearances and Compartmentalized Operations based on country location
    • OPSEC/COMSEC/etc
  • Various Languages provided depending on client requirements/location